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Bharat freight a concept and a serious effort to eliminate the pain points of the logistics trade on both sides (cargo owners and resource owners). The concept aims to set bench mark rates for both to avoid losses to any of the side as well as provide a healthy and a competitive bidding environment. Bharat Freight aims at having the operations executed with its own and agents physical presence in more than 800 locations in India soon to ensure the success of this mission.

The process ensures transparency in visibility of rates, vehicles, calculations, transit of vehicles and settlement of disputes by a third party legal entity to ensure the performance of process as trusted by the stakeholders.

By transferring your current business on this platform, your operations and booking team can be time and cost efficient. Our online financial stakeholders participating on the Bharat Freight platform could also assist you in bill discounting to ease the stress on your cash flow anytime. Online arbitration reduces your loss of valuable time in unproductive follow-ups. Online transit Insurance options looks after your movements in a very time and cost effective manner.

The mobile App can help you notifying and accepting of bids even when you are away from office to ensure that the system works for rather than you chasing it for performance. A message on the toll free number could help you handling the bids by our customer support executives.

Bharat Freight is a major step towards easing the way of doing business in this unorganized sector. We can only do this by being with each other unconditionally if we believe in shaping the future together for a better tomorrow and our next generation.

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